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Buy amoxil online australia C.I.A. and the CIA-Mossad Connections In July 1995, the American Security Project published first, and still the most comprehensive, study of intelligence agencies and their connections to each other. It included some information concerning the C.I.A and its connections to other agencies - such as the Mossad and to "agents Generic amoxil online of influence." In this book, David Ray Griffin discusses the Mossad, and CIA, in context of both the Mossad and Mossad's relationship to the C.I.A. In one of its chapters, Griffin wrote: "There is evidence that the Mossad was actively assisting CIA in training Iraqi paramilitary forces for their planned invasion of Iran in August, 1980." an August 26, 1981 news report, New York Times correspondent Ben Bradlee noted: "The Israelis are said to have supplied the C.I.A. with information regarding Iraqi plans. According to current American intelligence estimates about the Iraqi threat, Israeli military is believed to have received large quantities of weapons and military supplies from Egypt, Syria and Turkey, as well from the Central Intelligence Agency." A C.I.A. document quoted by Bradlee said that "the Israeli government and the Mossad have established a direct line of communication" and that according to CIA sources "the Mossad provides active support, guidance and to the C.I.A." Mossad was apparently involved in both the Iraq-Iran crisis and covert CIA-Mossad operations at the time. American Security Project, "The Mossad and Intelligence Connections of the CIA or MOSSAD." Griffin wrote in an August 1991 article: "The Mossad has a long history of providing support for the CIA." He identified Mossad as an intelligence agency "underwritten" by the U.S. and an "agent" of the United States. He described role of the Mossad in supporting terrorist operations abroad: "Mossad agents have been involved in terrorist activities Lebanon and France; at home they acted as double agents for the Israeli government. Mossad officials also have provided training to the U.S. military in Thailand and Vietnam, have provided assistance to American businessmen seeking establish links with Arab oil interests." American Security Project, "The Mossad and Intelligence Connections of the C.I.A." An article in the July/August 1994 issue of Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRIEM) called Mossad "one of the prime suspects behind bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie (sic), Scotland" and said that the incident had "caused Mossad-CIA relationship between two of the great secret and supervisory institutions of our time to go through a remarkable turn in the past two years." Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, "The Israel Connection." American Security Project, "The Mossad and Intelligence Connections of the CIA or MOSSAD." Cultural Roots of the CIA-Mossad Relationship In a discussion of the CIA's relationship with Mossad, George H. Aldrich, an Assistant Secretary of State, said: "We have always been and continue to be very much in touch with the Mossad.... They are a tremendous resource... [they] have unique and a intelligence-gathering tool which is that the Israelis have built up a network of agents in the United States"

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